Executive Council

Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff (GUARFS)

Suzanne Bronheim, President
Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Senior Policy Associate, Georgetown University Center for and Human Development

Kevin Conry, Vice-President and Events Coordinator
Former Vice President for Development at the Center for Global Development,
Vice President for Law Strategic Development at Georgetown, and currently Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law Center

John Pierce, Secretary
Former University Registrar and Assistant Provost; currently Registrar Emeritus and Special Assistant to the Provost with responsibility for academic ceremonies.

Mary Anne Mahin, Treasurer
Former Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Veronica Salles-Reese, Learning Community Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Latin American Literature Emerita. Former director of Latin American Certificate and Ecuador Summer Program

Martha Swanson, Membership Coordinator
Former Director of the Center for Student Programs (now the Center for Student Engagement)

Stanley Nollen, Grants Committee Chair
Adjunct Professor of International Business, Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University
McDonough School of Business

Edward Quinn, Benefits Liaison Chair
Former Secretary of the University

Bill Licamele, Medical Center Liaison
Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics and former Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Joseph A. Page, Law Center Liaison
Professor of Law Emeritus, Georgetown Law Center

William Reynolds, Marketing Coordinator
Former Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations and Executive Director, Georgetown University Alumni Association

Bruce Douglass, Past President
Associate Professor Emeritus, former Chair of the Department of Government, and Dean of the Faculty, Georgetown College