The Association Program

The Association offers a variety of different kinds of programs each academic year that are designed to provide its members, local Georgetown alumni, and other interested parties in the Washington area with opportunities for learning, cultural enrichment and ongoing contact with one another. These programs include a series of mini-courses on scholarly topics taught by retired Georgetown faculty and other experts in relevant fields, guided tours of museums, galleries and other sites of cultural and historical interest in the area, luncheon meetings with featured speakers from the Georgetown community, and a set of research grants awarded annually to support the scholarly activity of retired faculty. From time to time the Association also offers its members opportunities to hear from the Provost and other officials about current developments in the life of the University. Much of its work is underwritten by the Office of the Provost, and at the end of each academic year its members are invited to participate in a memorial mass honoring deceased as well as retiring faculty and staff that is followed by a luncheon hosted by either the President of the University or the Jesuit Community.

The Association is a member of The Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).   AROHE, founded in 2002, supports all phases of faculty/staff retirement through a dynamic member network that links retirement associations, retiree and emeriti centers, and individual retirees as well as campus offices such as human resources, academic affairs, and advancement/development.

AROHE provides resources and connections to increase retirees’ value to their colleges/universities, communities, and professions in the areas of philanthropy, advocacy on behalf of the institution, volunteerism, and institutional knowledge and commitment.

The Association has an institutional membership with AROHE and any Georgetown University retiree can choose to receive the AROHE newsletter by signing up online. For information about AROHE and/or to subscribe to the newsletter click onĀ https://www.arohe.org/.