The goal of the Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff (GUARFS) is to serve as a liaison between retired faculty, AAPs, staff and the University, support its emeriti members’ professional endeavors through retired faculty grants, facilitate social ties through lectures, tours, and cultural activities, provide volunteering opportunities, and reach out to the community through the Learning Community Program.

Life Long Learning in the GU Learning Community

Here are the Fall Learning Community Courses!

  • The Presidency and Illness: Should The Health Of Candidates For High Office Be An Issue?
  • Religious Pluralism
  • International Migrations
  • Racism and the Bible
  • “Indispensable Nation: America’s World Role; Past, Present, and Future”
  • Into the Woods: Reconsidering Fairy Tales through Sociological and Psychological Lenses

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President’s Report 2021-22

The planning for GUARFS’ 2021-22 program year began with a widely shared hope among the members of our ExCo that we would be able to return to some version of in-person activities. After a year in which the pandemic had prevented us from holding any events in person, the people involved in planning our fall events initially thought (like so many other Americans) that we might have seen the worst of the pandemic and could get finally back to some version of normality. That proved to be wishful thinking. Even though some of us persisted in hoping that conditions in the fall would allow for us to hold at least some events in person (such as the usual fall luncheon), by the late summer it was clear that was not going to be the case. So until March of 2022 everything we did, including meetings of the ExCo, was conducted online.

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Exciting, new opportunity to connect with alumni.

We would like to invite you to join a new volunteer effort that is a partnership between the GU Association of Retired Faculty and Staff and the Alumni Association’s 68 regional clubs around the world. In this new partnership, the GUARFS Volunteer Ambassador Program, we will be extending this opportunity to retired faculty and staff to provide presentations for regional club members. To learn more, click here.

Upcoming Events

Watch for new events this Fall!

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