Registration for the Spring Semester 2023 is now open. Click here to register.

Be sure to read the directions below before registering. Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Click on Reserve a Spot.
  2. GUARFS Member or Spouse: Select 1 in GUARFS Member or
    Spouse and then select the number of course you are paying for
    beyond 2 complimentary courses.
  3. Non-Members: Simply select the number of courses you are
    paying for.
  5. Select 1 in each course you are taking.
  6. Click on Checkout.
  7. Enter or update your contact information.
  8. Enter your payment details (if applicable).
  9. Click on Register (if no payment is due) or Place Order (if payment is due).

Registration is not complete unless all applicable fees are paid. Registration and payment confirmation will be sent by email. Access information and calendar invites for all courses will be provided by email two Fridays before the course start date.