Registration Is Now Open for Spring Courses

We are pleased to offer both online enrollment and payment for courses in a single application for the first time!    

Step 1: Review this Spring’s exciting list of course offerings on our website.

Step 2: Click on Spring 2021 Learning Community Program (or Pay Annual Dues) to register for your course(s).  

Step 3: Click on green REGISTER button

Step 4: Select the number 1 in the Membership Affiliation that most pertains to you:

  • New or current member needing to pay dues
  • Member of the Association or their Spouse (with dues currently paid)
  • Current or Former Instructor of the Learning Community Program or their Spouse
  • Member of the Library Associates
  • Member of the Georgetown Club of Washington DC
  • Not a Member or Affiliate; Taking One Course
  • Not a Member or Affiliate; Taking Multiple Courses

Step 5: If you are taking courses, scroll down to the List of Courses and select the number 1 in each course you wish to take. Your registration will not be complete until you have paid the appropriate fee if applicable.

Step 6: Click on red CHECKOUT button

Step 7: Enter your contact details

Step 8: If payment is due, enter payment information

Step 9: If you have selected courses, you may copy your contact information into the information required for each course. 

Step 10: Click on red REGISTER button

Registration and/or payment confirmation will be sent by email immediately after your submission has been successfully processed.  Access information for your course(s) will be provided by email on the Friday before your course begins.

If you have questions about your dues status, please contact the Association Treasurer, Mary Anne Mahin, at  The registration fee is $30 for a single course or $50 for multiple courses. Pre-Registration is required.

The registration fee is waived for:

  • Paid up members of the Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff and their spouses dues, please contact  
  • Members of the Library Associates
  • The Georgetown Club of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
  • Past & present Instructors and spouses of the Learning Community Program