Teaching opportunities for retirees

Connecting with alumni and sharing your knowledge through the new GUARFS Volunteer Ambassador Program

We would like to invite you to join a new volunteer effort that is a partnership between the GU Association of Retired Faculty and Staff and the Alumni Association’s 68 regional clubs around the world.

We know that alumni are eager to reconnect with individuals who played important roles in their lives at Georgetown, and we hear from our retirees that they enjoy reconnecting with former students.

In the past, the Alumni Association has had a program of Faculty Ambassadors where current active faculty connected with their local Regional Clubs (and more recently virtually via Zoom) to provide a presentation, typically of thirty minutes or so, as part of a Club event. In this new partnership, the GUARFS Volunteer Ambassador Program, we will be extending this opportunity to retired faculty and staff.

How will this work? If you are interested in participating, please share your information with the Alumni Association (see more details below). They will then share your availability with the local clubs and connect you with those who have interest in having you present for them.

Please note this program is for all GU retirees– faculty, staff and administrators from across the University to include Main Campus, Medical Center, Law Center and University Services.
So if you have interest in volunteering for this new opportunity, please email the following information to Kim Albright at kimberly.b.albright@gmail.com

• Name
• Your position at Georgetown
• Email and phone
• Mailing address (to schedule in-person local events)
• Potential topics/main areas of your interests.

Any questions? Email Bill Licamele, member of the GUARFS Executive Committee and liaison with the GU Alumni Association at licamele@cox.net. Otherwise, just sign up to keep your GU connections!

Thank you for your consideration,

Bruce Douglass, President, GUARFS
Kimberly Albright, Vice Chair for Communications, GUAA Alumni Clubs Committee

Teaching in the Georgetown University Learning Community Life-Long Learning Activities

Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff
(GUARFS) offers 12 courses consisting of 3 classes of 90 minutes each during the academic year. Faculty for these classes is drawn from the pool of retired faculty. If you have a topic, an idea, a research area you would be willing to explore in one of our classes, please contact us at guarfs@georgetown.edu

Teaching in School of Continuing Studies and Liberal Studies Degree Programs  

Retirees interested in teaching in the School of Continuing Studies, including the Liberal Studies Degree Programs are encouraged to confer with the dean responsible for the program of interest.

Speaking Opportunity—Georgetown Senior Center

Georgetown Senior Center invites GUARFS members to consider offering a talk on any subject that might be of interest to seniors. These talks would be delivered at the luncheons the Center offers twice weekly (M & F) for its clientele at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 3240 O St. NW.

For further information contact Wendy Erlanger at Wendy.Erlanger@comcast.net (new window).