GUARFS Governance

President – Chief representative of the Association

Vice-president – Holds a chief responsibility of the Association website

Secretary – Writes and maintains the minutes of EXCO meetings; solicits and receives the applications for Faculty Research grants; prepares a summary for EXCO review. Assists the Membership Coordinator as needed regarding the sending of membership emails. Maintains the archives

Membership Coordinator – Maintains official membership list, including (among other elements) email, local address, and phone numbers; reaches out to staff and AAP retirees by mail to get correct post retirement email addresses; works with the Treasurer to collect members’ annual dues

Treasurer – Responsible for managing the budget, bank accounts, and collecting dues

Events Chair – Responsible for organizing events sponsored by the Association such as lectures, lunches, field trips & other social & cultural events

Vice-chair – Assists the event chair with the Association events

Benefits Liaison – Informs EXCO members of University benefits that affect the members

Learning Community Program Coordinator – Responsible for scheduling the mini- courses, overseeing enrolments, publicizing the courses, and securing classrooms & required  technology

Past president – His/Her role is to serve as an advisor to EXCO

Norms of the Executive Council


  • Executive Council members have the right to candidly express their views on GUARFS related topics at Executive Council meetings.
  • Executive Council members have the right to have their views treated respectfully by other members of the Executive Council.


  • Executive Council members have a responsibility to attend Board meetings and GUARFS activities and events.
  • Executive Council members have a responsibility to fulfill the various duties of their office.
  • Executive Council members have a responsibility to accurately represent to those outside the Executive Council the positions this body has taken. Members must seek Executive Council prior approval before taking any public action on behalf of GUARFS.