Current Research Grantees

Current Retired Faculty Research Grantees, Fiscal Year 2024-25: 

Thomas Brewer, McDonough School of Business

Project Title: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding: Emerging Catastrophe for the US East Coast

Hans Engler, Mathematics and Statistics

Project Title: Organization of a Session of SIAM Dynamical Systems Conference

Lawrence Kromer, School of Medicine, Neuroscience

Project Title: Role of Axon Guidance Molecules in the Development of Autism

Lucy Maddox, English

Project Title: Forms of Care: Quakers, Hoodoo, and the Flight from Slavery on Maryland’s

Susan Martin, School of Foreign Service, Institute for the Study of Migration

Project Title: Welcoming Immigrants to Washington State

David Painter, School of Foreign Service, History

Project Title: Guardian of the Gulf

Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown University Law Center, International Law and Policy

Project Title: Changing the Weather

Current Retired Faculty Personal Development for Community Service Grantees, Fiscal Year 2024-25: 

Ioan Suciu, Business Manager and Assistant Director, Georgetown University Press

Project Title: Christian Tour and Church Pilgrimage in Greece