Connect & Socialize

The Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff (GUARFS) provides a number of opportunities throughout the year for retirees to connect with each other, enjoy cultural events and socialize. These include:

  • guided tours of museums, galleries, and other sites of cultural and historical interest in the area; and
  • luncheon meetings with featured speakers from the Georgetown community.

We offer a mix of in-person and virtual events. Not a paid-up member? Click here to join or pay your dues. Sign-up information will be sent in the GUARFS newsletter and special announcement emails will be sent in the GUARFS newsletter and special announcement emails.

Annual GU Retirees Memorial Mass and Luncheon

On Tuesday, May 7 come together for the annual Memorial Mass at 12:10 p.m. in Dahlgren Chapel and a luncheon to follow at 1:00 p.m. in Riggs Library. A formal invitation has been sent to all retirees. These two events are a wonderful way to reconnect with colleagues and meet other retirees.

Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

At the annual meeting of GU Retirees last May, a series of amendments to the constitution were approved. As a result, at our annual meeting this year on Monday, May 13 via Zoom at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings time, we will hold our first election of officers. Register Here (new window)
The Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee gave four months’ notice of the upcoming election to all retirees through the January Newsletter and three months’ notice of the invitation to submit nominations by active (dues paying) members. We are happy to announce the slate of officers put forth by the Nominating Committee giving this one month’s notice to all retirees with this final invitation to pay dues to be able to participate in the election.

The proposed slate is:

  • President: Kevin Conry
  • Vice President: Gwen Kirkpatrick
  • Secretary: John Pierce
  • Treasurer: Mary Anne Mahin

Below is a short bio for Gwen Kirkpatrick. Information about John Pierce and Mary Anne Mahin may be found on the GU Retiree website (new window). John Pierce has served as Secretary since 2016 and Mary Anne has served as Treasurer since 2018 Kevin Conry was appointed by the EXCO in 2023 to serve as Vice President after the resignation of the previous Vice President. According to the constitution, “As President-Elect, the sitting Vice President is expected to be nominated to take over as President in the next term.” Information about him is also available on the website (new window).

To attend the 2024 Annual Meeting, register here (new window)

To join or pay dues click here (new window). If you are unsure if your dues are up to date, email (new window).

Gwen Kirkpatrick

Professor Kirkpatrick received a BA from the University of Alabama and a PhD in Romance Languages and Literature from Princeton University. She was a Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University from 2004 to present, and Chair 2012—2017. Prior to coming to Georgetown, she was on the faculty of and Director of The Center of Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Kirkpatrick has been a reviewer for significant academic publishers including, the University of California Press, Cornell University Press, Duke University Press Princeton University Press, and Yale University Press. She has also served on various editorial boards for academic publications. 

Professor Kirkpatrick has been a member of GU Retirees since 2021 and since her retirement, she has served on the GU Learning Community (GULC) committee of GU Retirees and has taught two courses in the GULC.  

To see her GU profile and list of extensive publications click here (new window)