Life Long Learning in the GU Learning Community

The Georgetown University Association of Retired Faculty and Staff (GUARFS) invites you to join us in a life-long learning activity. We offer non-credit mini-classes, usually six per semester. The courses are taught, on a volunteer basis, by retired faculty and others on a wide variety of topics, such as politics, art, literature, and science, that engage the community in the intellectual life of the University.

Recent courses have included:

  • Exoplanets, the Habitable Zone, and Greenhouse Warming
  • Psalms of Lamentation: Dealing with Suffering
  • Highlights of African-American Literature
  • Jews, Christians, and the Holocaust (Shoah)
  • The Grimms’ Magic Tales
  • Encountering Islam Beliefs and Muslim Practices
  • Global Trends in International Migration
  • Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

 In Fall 2020 you could have enjoyed these courses:

  • Mary in Biblical and Ecumenical Perspective –  Prof. Anthony J. Tambasco
  • The Road to the White House 2020  – Prof. Stephen Wayne
  • Understanding the Qur’an. – Imam Yahya Hendi
  • How we Dehumanize and Degrade: From the Beginnings of the European Slave Trade in 1494 to the Death Camps, Genocide, and Contemporary US White Nationalism – Prof. Edward J. Ingebretsen
  • Successfully Navigating the Complex Healthcare System – Maryann Griffin, MSW

Information about an exciting set of new courses for Spring 2021 will be coming in late December.