Executive Council

  • George Brenkert, President
  • Bruce Douglass, Vice-President
  • John Pierce, Secretary
  • Mary Anne Mahin, Treasurer
  • Heidi Byrnes, Learning Community Program Coordinator
  • Martha Swanson, Membership Coordinator
  • Richard Bates, Benefits Liaison Chair
  • Mary Lee Giblon-Sheahan, Events Coordinator
  • Laurea DiJoseph, Events Liaison
  • Sara Hager, Past President


GUARFS Executive Council welcomes:

Bruce Douglass as our Vice President.   Bruce is an emeritus professor in the Department of Government.  He has been chair of that department as well as Dean of the Faculty of Georgetown College.  In addition, he is also a notable scholar who specializes in 19th- and 20th-century Western social and political thought.

Martha Swanson as our Membership Coordinator.   Martha has long been active in GUARFS.  At Georgetown University, she was Director of the Center for Student Programs, from which she retired in 2007.   She has an A.M. in History and Education from Colgate University.  She and her husband, Dave, have been actively involved in supporting the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School in Kenya.