Current Research Grantees

Non-Competitive Research Grants Awardees 2019-2020: 

Richard America, McDonough School of Business
Project title: “Reparations and Public Policy”

D. Linda Garcia, Communication, Culture and Technology
Project title: “Standards: The Missing Link”

Bonnie L. Green, Psychiatry
Project title: “Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Primary Care Clinics Serving Uninsured Latina/o Immigrants”

Johny K. Johansson, McDonough School of Business
Project title: “Why Marketing: How Marketing is Taking”

Ronald M. Johnson, Department of History
Project title: “LGBT Memorials in America” 

Wesley Matthews, Department of Physics
Project title: “Research in astrophysics, special relativity, and condense matter” 

Jason Rosenblatt, Department of English
Project title: “Advocate for the Muse: John Selden and John Milton” 

Steven R. Sabat, Department of Psychology
Project title: “Tom Kitwood Memorial Address” 

David I. Steinberg, Walsh School of Foreign Service
Project title: “Interviews of Key Players for Myanmar’s 2020 Elections” 

Wendy W. Williams, Georgetown Law School
Project title: “Biography of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg”